I’m glad you found your way here! As you probably know on July 23rd, 2018 I embarked on a trip to Africa with my mother. While this is my first time in this strange land, she is no stranger here. This will be her 3rd time in Kenya, 2nd in Zambia, not to mention that she lived in Nigeria until she was 15! In many ways I think that this trip has felt very much like a homecoming for her.

While I originally didn’t intend to document any of this trip formally, I found that the list of incredible things I was experiencing was growing so quickly that I had figure out a way to explain the story of what I’ve been encountering here. I intend to speak to each and everyone one of you firsthand in much more depth than I could ever put on here, but at least this will serve as a starting place for what I hope are many long conversations!

First off a quick recap on how/why this trip happened and what it is we are doing here:

This whole trip is in honor of my father, Mark, who was killed by a motor vehicle while he was attempting to remove a ladder from the road that had fallen out of his truck. He and my mother have supported Africa in various ways over the years, and I discovered in his will that it was an intention of his during his retirement years to continue that trend. He was going to do this in the form of medical relief trips with my mother. While he is no longer able to do this, my mother and I want to continue what he started, to fulfill his dream. While I do not possess the skills to serve as he did, I have a set of my own that I intend to find ways to use here. I do not know entirely what that will look like, but I know it will likely involve technology in some way. I keep my eyes peeled at all times for ways that I may be able to make a difference here, and my mind races with opportunities. The under arching goal is to be of service to humanity, and a vessel for God’s love that it might be spread to others. My Father’s Spirit has served as an example of this to me, and it is one that I intend to follow. It matters not how I serve, or even if I manage to involve technology, but it is the upmost importance that it stems from this intention.

Our trip is broken into 3 main parts:

  • About a week working with a church/school/orphanage called Orbit in Nairobi, Kenya.
  • About a week catching up with Kenyan family and friends. Specifically my Kenyan sister Sebby whom my family sponsored. My father attended her graduation from medical school back in 2012. She heavily inspired him with her transition from a hopeless orphan to a medical officer.
  • A brief stop in Mombasa for some rest by the beach
  • Two weeks in Zambia where I am scheduled to teach computer classes, and who knows what else I will encounter.

Our trip is set to end with the month of August, and we will return home near the beginning of September.

Because I can’t pump out this content as quickly as it happens, the date of when entries are posted does not reflect when they transpired. I wish I could keep up with this in real time, but days are long, electricity can be sparse, the internet sparser, and there simply isn’t the time. I WILL get it all up here eventually though because not a day has gone by that life shows me in a different way of why we took this trip to begin with. This site is my attempt at sharing the love I have encountered here, and inspiration I have felt while traveling with my Mother. In honor of Dad.

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